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The following standards are being translated and are not yet available in English. Contact us if you need one and we can make it a priority.

NOM-020-SEMARNAT-2001, That establishes the procedures and guidelines that must be observed for the rehabilitation, improvement and conservation of the forest pasture lands.
NOM-021-SEMARNAT-2000, That establishes the specifications for fertility, salinity and classification of soils. Studies, sampling and analysis.
NOM-023-SEMARNAT-2001, That establihses the technical specifications that the cartography must contain and the classification for the preparation of inventories of soils.
NOM-062-SEMARNAT-1994, That establishes the specifications for mitigating the adverse affects on the biodiversity caused by the change of use of the soil of forest or agricultural land.
NOM-155-SEMARNAT-2007, That establishes the requirements for environmental protection for the leaching systems gold and silver minerals.

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