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*NOM-001-CONAGUA-2011, Systems of potable water, household use and sanitary sewer systems - Hermeticity - Specifications and test methods.


*NOM-002-CONAGUA-1995,  Domestic water input for potable water supply - specifications and test methods.


nom-003-cna-1996, requirements during the construction of water extraction wells for preventing the contamination of aquifers.  

*NOM-006-CNA-1997, Prefabricated septic tanks - specifications and test methods. 


*NOM-007-CNA-1997, Safety requirements for the construction and operation of water tanks. 

NOM-009-CNA-2001, Toilets for sanitary use Specifications and testing methods   Published Aug. 2, 2001

*NOM-011-CONAGUA-2000, Conservation of water resource - Establishes the specifications and the method for determining the median annual availability of national waters.


*NOM-013-CONAGUA-2000,  Distribution networks of potable water - Specifications of hermeticity and test method.

*NOM-014-CONAGUA-2003,  Requirements for the artificial recharging of aquifers with treated wastewater.   


*NOM-015-CONAGUA-2007,  Artificial infiltration of water to aquifers - Characteristics and specifications of the works and the water
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